Paintball Shooting Safety

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Paintball Shooting Safety

Paintball shooting safety rules do not require that players verify their target before shooting. Although conventional gun safety rules require that shooters verify their target, paintball safety rules do not. This is an important difference in safety protocol. Paintball is a game where a fraction of a second reflex delay can change the outcome of a game. Normal safe paintball games require that anyone who might be struck by a paintball must be wearing proper paintball goggles, and game supervisors or referees must assure compliance with goggle rules and other normal safety requirements on the playing field. “Sweet spotting” is common practice and allows players to anticipate where an opponent might run into their paintballs.

Players on paintball fields can shoot toward locations where opponents are expected to appear.

Players on paintball fields often shoot toward locations where opponents are expected to appear.

Obviously, if anyone without proper eye protection is seen on the playing field, the game must immediately be shut down and all play stopped. However, during properly supervised games, players must be able to shoot paintballs without the need to examine their targets on the playing field. The game and the play site must be set up properly before any shots are fired. Proper supervision is required at all paintball games, and nobody should ever be permitted to wander into a location where they might be struck by a paintball unless they are wearing proper goggles. Proper game supervision also requires that the playing field boundary have adequate barriers to prevent paintballs from flying out from the field in a manner that they might directly hit persons standing near the boundary.

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