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Paintball Opinion surveys and polls are popping up on several websites and social networks, and many of them are mine. In recent years, I have posted my articles and technical theories on these pages. Most have gone unnoticed, and served only as shared references for people who have engaged me or who had contrary views to those of myself.

First Strike Rounds

Shaped Projectiles used in Paintball, like these First Strike Rounds, are becoming popular.

Some of my polls have provided interesting responses, and have demonstrated how well organized a group of shaped projectiles advocates has become. While the vast majority of paintball game participants are unaware of shaped projectiles, the Mag-Fed and First Strike Round (FSR) users offer a stronger united voice than disinterested and uninformed players. FSR advocates may mold the future of paintball, and that will place responsibility for an industry pivot, away from traditional paintball.

I will be closing most of my polls shortly, but I will continue with a series of TRANSPARENT ANONYMOUS opinion surveys on this website. I would appreciate your continued interest in helping me to understand where this industry is headed. I am not trying to change your beliefs regarding shaped projectiles. I only want to assess the environment for development of fair ASTM standards in the near future. And to see who recognizes a need to clean up some issues we now face with ASTM paintball standards. Please take the time to answer single easy questions as they appear on this website.

Thanks, Bob McGuire

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