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There are two basic issues in the present form of the proposed (revised) paintball standard. Understandably, there are also several other existing standards that will be affected if the new paintball standard is approved, but those complicated details are beyond this writing.

  • Most of the work and controversy involves shaped projectiles used in the sport of paintball. Should they be included in the existing paintball standard as a regular paintball, or are they sufficiently different that they may warrant a separate classification as a non-standard projectile used in the sport of paintball. There have been technical arguments by dueling experts and emotional supporters of both viewpoints. The louder group supports inclusion of shaped projectiles into the existing standard as a regular paintball, by finding my personal¬†negative vote to be non-persuasive.
  • The second issue is about a separate negative that should be found persuasive, because it unfairly imposes a design restriction (length) on any new paintballs, which would unnecessarily stifle innovation and competition. There are several pending shaped paintball designs that would be restricted, if this negative is found non-persuasive.

Additional testing is underway, but odds favor passage of the new revised (inclusive) standard. Unless there is a desire to favor an existing popular product, it might seem easier to remove the unnecessary length restriction, and make it easier to pass the proposed inclusion standard.

I will be updating and continuing blog posts about paintball standards and safety issues. If you want to be notified updates, please follow my Bob McGuire Tweets..

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