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Now that shaped projectiles are included in the ASTM standard as regular paintballs, are we any safer than before? Are we less safe? Do we have any pesky details to clean up, before the new version of our old paintball standard is safe to publish? I hope that shaped projectiles soon find a home with a new ASTM standard operating practice, but I hope it is specifically for games which allow the use of shaped projectiles, and I hope that game organizers warn players about games where shaped projectiles may be in use.

After years of controversy and many secret meetings (closed to certain members of the ASTM development Work Group), a vocal group of new ASTM members, spearheaded by an ASTM Paintball Subcommittee chairman who was also a manager for the distributor of First Strike shaped projectiles, passed a new version of a very old and important ASTM standard. This established a new basic definition of a paintball. There is talk about starting work on a new paintball impact standard, but I see little value for such a new standard at this point.

I have been polling paintballers who have personal experience in games where shaped projectiles were allowed. I welcome your participation in the polls, which are located on our Paintball Safety FaceBook page: POLL regarding ASTM paintball standards

Poll results are posted on the Facebook page:

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