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My education started at the Ohio State University in 1961 when I embarked on an eight year journey thru the OSU college of engineering and graduate school. My engineering degrees and research led to my quick entry into heavy mining machinery design, and further research into fracture analyses; strangely similar to my later considerations of terminal ballistics. Much later, after serious careers in divergent industries, I wandered into what I initially considered to be the wacky industry of paintball.

Crafting these pages will allow me to graze thru forgotten images on film and disc, and will bring back memories of many good times, as well as some frustrating experiences. I have done all right in paintball. I never did a deal that I believe was bad for the industry, and I never accepted a deal that I thought might compromise paintball safety on my playing fields or in the industry. I have lately donated a reasonable share of my time and resources in service to paintball.

I am unsettled about certain marketing programs, and I have been unsuccessful in resolving some issues that I believe may negatively impact our industry. There is an opportunity to open our industry to new classes of business… without altering the basic premise of paintball. Paintball, in any form, must require that player v player games are properly supervised, and that anyone who might be struck by a paintball must be wearing proper eye protection, and they must receive an appropriate pre-game safety briefing. Nobody should ever intentionally shoot toward another person if they see ANYONE on the playing field who is not wearing paintball goggles. However, players in properly supervised games should never be required to verify their target before shooting paintballs on the playing field.

It all comes down to REASONABLE and RESPONSIBLE practice whenever someone sets up a playing field involving projectiles, even in a back yard. It is reasonable to expect a minimum standard of care whenever a parent or other game organizer sets up a play site where people of any age are expected to shoot paintballs at each other. We must make it easier for game participants and parents to understand the requirements for safe paintball, and accept responsibility for safe game supervision on their property, even if the projectiles are only 11 mm or .50 caliber.

Bob McGuire, P.E.

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