FACES of PAINTBALL ... Game or Sport?

Paintball has evolved over the decades into several variants, each with unique challenges and opportunities… and it all started as a GAME in the WOODS.


Organized tournaments took Paintball SPORTS out of the woods and into arenas. Young players aspire to become pro Paintball SPORTS players in national tournaments.


Low Impact Paintball GAMES are perfect for younger players and parents who are concerned about the sting of high energy paintballs. Bob McGuire defined this new class of business and crafted an ASTM standard, for field operators who cater to private groups and younger players.


Simulating real combat events, with paintball guns which replicate the rate of fire and magazine restrictions that would be experienced by military personnel in actual combat. These games can be realistic as well as competitive, with team mentality and mission awareness. Some special equipment and shaped projectiles are sometimes used to inject a genuine sniper performance with significantly improved range and accuracy. These games appear to revitalize players who are looking to kick their game up a notch. This may become the face of modern combat sports.

About Us

Bob McGuire's opinions and personal observations about the industry, stemming from two decades of experience in marketing, operating protocol, and paintball standard of care. Controversial Technical Issues... Profit is Necessary, but Safety is Paramount.

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